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Jim's Bad Ass 454 1970 El Camino SS

 True 454 SS all the way.

Big Block..L.S. 6 stock was 450 hp its 468 cu. in. 650 h.p it has a turbo 400 trans with reverse spool, B& M quick shift valve body. 3:73 possi gear.

Other notes:

All new interior by Chevy Land
All new 2 and 1/2 exaust with flow masters
auto meter gages & tack
disc player with MP3 180 watts
new bumpers by Sacramento Plating
Paint by Franko O of Modesto
Paint color 99 Porsche Red
By the way paint still needs to be sanded & buffed

Dawn said people wanted more......
About 3 years ago, I bought the Elk from Bill Costa whom I have known about 15 years . Bill bought the car from
S & K Motors downtown Sacramento.
The story goes like this.
A rice farmer ordered it new. It came in and he took it for a test-drive a few min later HE'S Back! Face all white & bug eyed said that damn car almost killed me, too fast I don't want no car that fast. He got a Chevy 1/2 Ton pick up instead . Car sat on lot for about 3 weeks,no one looked at it. I know why its original color puke green and black vinyl top with black strips (butt ugly!!!)Yes it is a number 454 SS El Camino. The A/C is all he wanted .
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Bill is my brother in law so back to the story I have been after the ELK for as long as I have known Bill. Bill worked about 4 miles from work drove to and from work every day in the Elk. Then Bill and his wife bought a house up in the hills about 30 minutes out of town so that meant 30 miles to and from work every day in the ELk. So he had to buy a car that could handle all those miles every day back and forth(gas duh) . Meantime the Elk is sitting out in the weeds. Every 2 to 3 weeks I would call him asking "are you ready to sell yet?" And every time I would call he would say "when I'm ready" About 2 years past and Bill calls me one Friday night ands said I found a Corvette for sale with a bad motor do you still want the ELK? first I was thinking how much do you want for it? He said . plus a new set of tires ,then I said "HELL YES!" Kathy (wife) and I we'll be up their tomorrow morning.

Saturday 7:00 a.m. Boy am I bummed ! There she is setting there with 3 flat tires and weeds growing in the bed windows so dirty can't see in it. Kathy and I talked and she said " are you really sure about this" I said yeah even though I wasn't really sure. With 3 mismatched tires, a new battery, and fresh gas it fired up with a can Comet to clean the windshield. I was able to see so I could drive it off.

I pulled out of the field with both tailpipes broken and dragging on
the ground behind me. Both rear tires are old Firestone white letters on
rusty multi-bolt pattern chrome wheels! Sounds great huh? Its gets
better, left front rim and tire off of Bills old pickup. Right tire was
worn snow grip, man we are looking good, remember a thirty plus miles
drive. Kathy shakes her head she says are you sure I' said yeah let's
go. Off and running what a pretty sight, people on the freeway must have
loved the way looked, cause they were sure staring at me.

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